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Ashley McKinney

Ashley McKinney


Hi, my name is Ashley, I am a native to the Lake Norman area, born and raised here. I am a mother of two boys, Logan and Luke. I started my GloBody business because I love the way I look and feel when I have a tan. Being fair skinned, I burn most of the time when I’m out in the sun.

Five years ago I had a scare with a pre-cancerous removal of a mole on my chest, since then I’ve done my best to stay out of the sun and protect my skin. GloBody is a great, natural way, to stay tanned year round. I love helping other women feel more confident when having the “glo” from our organic spray tan!

Let me help you achieve your custom glo, so you too can glo from the inside out!

Phone: (704) 727-2833

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